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Fishing Report – Offshore

Cobia will be on everyone’s mind this month. Will we have a decent season this year? My gut is telling me yes. The last several years have been barely worth mentioning but this year already seems different. The numbers of small cobia caught in February was impressive and makes me feel good about the future of this fishery.

Look for water temperatures just North of 67 degrees and you will find the cobia. The shallow water shoals found off of Canaveral can easily be warmed by the sun and the cold water looming just to the North of us has us located in the perfect cobia stopping ground. Just find that magic temperature and you will find cobia.

The bottom fishing for lane snapper, mangrove snapper, trigger fish, vermilion snapper, mutton snapper and of course red snapper will be phenomenal. The main reefs have been very good for months now. The easiest indicator is to walk the dock. Ocean Obsession II head boat comes in at 5pm from full day trips. Information is key so when you see good catches with no significant changes forecasted, then odds are it will remain good. When it comes to bottom fishing in 100ft or less the trick to success is make a mess. Get a lot going, cut bait, drop chicken rigs, sliding sinker rigs, use live bait, use dead bait, work a float line up top and above everything else keep up the pace. Don’t get aggravated when you toss 10 red snapper back in a row because the next one will be a big mutton. Don’t get mad at releasing short lane and vermillion snapper because all of a sudden legal ones will arrive. Make the entire water column come alive and this commotion will work its way down the reef and draw everything in.

March is the kick off to easy action packed variety filled fishing for 7 straight months. Take your own boat, private charter, or get out on a party fishing boat because you deserve this and it is a awesome time of year for fishing. If you have any questions about what style of fishing or trip that is right for you, your family and friends don’t hesitate to call or text me at 321-794-3474. Captain Greg Rapp 321-794-3474‬‬‬‬‬

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