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Backstreet Boy Howie D Dropped $35M On a Cocoa Beach Condo Complex

Cocoa Beach, FL- Howie D from the Backstreet Boys has been a native of Cocoa and Cape Canaveral since the 1990's which makes sense to why he would invest so much into this beach town. His development team expects to lay the foundation in September with The Surf, a luxury condo complex worth $35 million dollars featuring a second floor swimming pool, spa and a firepit.

In the interview with Florida Today, Howie stated, "Anything that’s new and fresh around here, I get excited about. We’re bringing a slice of Miami-South Beach. Cocoa Beach is a hidden gem to me. That’s why I relocated my family here, instead of Orlando....the fact that we decided to change the pool, from being on the beach side to the front side on A1A: I think that’s going to be a hot spot. I think everyone’s going to be looking up going, ‘I want to be up there,’ “ he said. 

The Surf property is located on North Atlantic Avenue between Minutemen Causeway and North First Street, just north of Coconuts on the Beach and Beach Shack and will range from $800,000 for a 1,770-square-foot unit with three bedrooms to $2.2 million for a 4,080-square-foot, four-bedroom penthouse. 

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