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In The Studio

MEDIA. Tours. EVENTS. Productions.

We are a full service management company that have represented artists that span across music genres and all styles of entertainment. We've built digital media campaigns for 90's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vanilla Ice, Perfect Giddimani, DJ Bonics, Adrienne Mack-Davis, Brian Welch "Korn", and many more.  We oversee all aspects of our artists’ businesses, from live/touring, recorded music and IP, and merchandise/branding. Our goal is simple - we seek to make our clients' career goals a reality through strategic, intentional, and sustainable business decisions. 

We don't stop there- we also manage clubs & venues. From small night clubs to arenas, we've got the team to handle it all.

Artist Booking

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392 Warren Ave

Portland, Maine





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