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Underground Structure Placed To Trap Harmful Pollutants In Our Waterways

Updated: May 28, 2020

What exactly is a baffle box? The purpose of a baffle box is to trap pollutants. It’s an advanced water treatment system that helps capture and store debris, harmful nutrient pollution, and other pollutants. Melbourne Indian River Lagoon is finally receiving the help they need. Wednesday, February 19th, six 43,000 pound pieces to create a baffle box were installed in a drainage basin, which will help stifle over 4,000 pounds of pollution from entering our beautiful lagoon. Debris will get trapped into the baffle box to avoid harming our waterways. The boxes also remove nitrogen and phosphorous (nutrient pollution) from seeping into the lagoon. The two support the growth of algae, which can harm water quality, food resources, and habitats by decreasing oxygen. 

In 2016, the ½ cent lagoon restoration sales tax was approved, and this is helping to fund the $700,000 project. If you want to be involved in the political aspect by voting and making your voice heard, please make sure you are a registered voter. You can register to vote at Vote Brevard (link: The Presidential Preference Primary is March 17th, 2020. 

Another way to get involved in fighting for clean water and having a safe environment is to join the Fight For Zero Brevard Facebook Group

to stay active in the latest news.

Photo and article by Misti Blu Day McDermott

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