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Travel Guide

Updated: May 28, 2020

  1. Zand Herbal Lozenges: These are perfect for flights while also keeping your immune system up. They are naturally sweetened and natural ingredients.

  2. Amazon washable mask with filter: Flu season or not, there are a ton of germs in the airport and other high volume crowds from all over. If you want to return home and get back to work or the daily grind, avoid getting sick and protect yourself so that you don’t spend the following week in bed.

  3. Herbal tea: You may be in a different time zone or wired from excitement; an herbal tea assortment is my go-to for travel. Peppermint tea to soothe an upset stomach, chamomile for insomnia or green tea to wake you up. Hot water is usually free and easy to access.

  4. Thrive Tape: When you walk around a lot, which most of us do when we travel, sometimes you need a little extra support. We aren’t all spring chickens and Thrive Tape is an infrared kinesiology tape that supports muscles, joints, targets pain, and can be used for most common injuries. Use the code THRIVEDAY for 20% off your purchase at

  5. Banana Bag Oral Solution: Travel can sometimes make you dehydrated. Boozey drinks, long nights, lots of walking, or fighting a cold are all reasons to keep your vitamin and mineral levels in check. This packet is like a bag of IV fluids!

  6. 1000mg Vitamin C: Call me a germaphob but I hate being sick. I take 3k Vitamin C daily and I double it when I travel or get exposed to potential germs. I used to get sick almost every other month. Now, maybe once or twice per year.

  7. Gin-Gins: These are perfect for a plane ride or to settle your stomach if you are nauseous.

  8. Wildling Apothecary 2000mg CBD: The go-to CBD tincture. No additives, just the good stuff. CBD helps with anxiety, insomnia, nausea, pain, muscle spasms and more.

  9. Snacks: Food and snacks add up when you have to purchase on the go. Packing a few items that you can have while traveling or in your hotel room can save you time and a few bucks.

  10. Face Wipes: These are good for everything! Freshen up between a long flight and everything else on your itinerary. You can use these for multiple purposes.

  11. Comfortable Shoes: Sometimes I try to save space by packing one pair of shoes. Having a solid, comfortable boot is my preference. Nothing sucks more than a crappy fashion shoe that has no structural support after walking all day.

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