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Spring into a relaxing break, for good.

By Jacki Mick

Psst! You. Yeah, you. Have you lived that cannabidiol life yet?

Do you struggle with pain, sleep disorders, PTSD, or similar? Cannabidiol (CBD) might be the answer for you! CBD is a non-psychoactive substance derived from the cannabis plant. It’s the calming part …. Not the “let’s get wrecked” part. Studies have shown that “cannabidiol seems to prevent the breakdown of the chemical that affects mood, pain, and mental function in the brain.”

CBD occurs naturally in cannabis, found in the flowers, seeds, and stalk of cannabis plants, one of 400 compounds that make up cannabis sativa. It can be easily extracted from both marijuana and hemp cannabis plants. The difference between these two plants is the THC level… in marijuana, its high (see what we did there?) and in hemp-derived CBD, there are only trace amounts of THC. Hemp-derived CDB is currently legal in the state of Florida, and nationwide. Ingestible CBD comes in many forms including oils, capsules, candies, vape pens and more. And if you’re unsure where you can buy it in Brevard County, Fairvilla Boutique’s got you covered.

Earlier this year, Fairvilla Boutique began carrying products from Cannabidiol Life, which is a Florida-based company (keeping it all local for y’all!). The products range from gummies (that taste DELICIOUS) to vape pens in two flavors (Strawberries and Cream and Watermelon Ice Balls) to CBD oil for both humans and ANIMALS! All of the Cannabidiol Life products are 100% natural and made from broad spectrum/whole plant hemp extract oil.

I’m gonna get a little honest with you here and talk about my personal experience with these products. Like many people nowadays, I was suffering from anxiety. When Fairvilla brought Cannabidiol Life products into the stores, I bought some CBD oil to see if it would be of any help. It 100% was. My loud anxiety was turned down from about an 11 to a very manageable 3. In fact, now I notice if I forget to take my oil in the morning. Of course, you should speak to your physician before starting this or any other dietary supplement.

What can CBD can do for your pets, you might ask? Well, research shows that CBD oils help dogs with pain, anxiety, unwarranted aggression, digestive issues and more. Pretty much the same things as it does for a human. Cats can benefit as well!

If you’re interested in seeing what CBD can do for you, visit Fairvilla Boutique at 6103 N. Atlantic Avenue in Cape Canaveral, to check out our selection of CBD products and, of course, all of your sexual health and wellness products.

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