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Skilled Labor: Whitney Bailey

When TBR asked me to be featured for this skilled labor segment they sent me a nice Q & A that I was supposed to follow but I really like to modify things and make my own rules and this is no exception.

My name is Whitney, I am a professional piercer and jewelry stylist. My journey as a piercer started with an apprenticeship in 2011 in Titusville and shortly after I joined the crew at Endless Summer in 2012 (shout out to Mark Longenecker!)

Following my apprenticeship I’ve stayed active in the piercing community and regularly attend the Annual Association of Professional Piercers Seminar in Las Vegas for continuing education.

I now run a small business inside of Endless Summer Tattoo specializing in safe piercing procedures with implant grade body jewelry. Our piercings are entirely disposable meaning all of our tools, medical supplies, and needles are only used once. We are currently the only piercing studio in Brevard county offering this fully disposable experience.

Next to aseptic technique the next important aspect is jewelry. At our studio any jewelry used for an initial piercing is implant grade, meaning all of our manufacturers supply Mill Certifications showing the material used to create the jewelry is suitable for implantation in the human body – boring I know. I’ll save you the rest of the science behind biocompatible materials and get to the sparkles.

Real body jewelry is crafted with Swarovski Gemstones and Natural or Synthetic Stones. When combining properly crafted materials and gemstones the result is body jewelry that comes guaranteed by the manufacturer. When your product comes guaranteed it’s because the supplier understands the quality. Don’t get fooled by the fake news of “surgical” or “stainless” steel and foil back gemstones, your body deserves better.

My favorite piercings to perform are Daith and Nostril piercings! There is something majestic about a simple swarovski in a nostril piercing. I really think everyone can pull this look off beautifully. Daith piercings have gained popularity over the last few years, and the options on styles for these beautiful rings seems endless.

While I like to think I may be the Daith sorceress what our studio is really known for is Children’s Ear Piercings. Ages 5 and up are welcome to get pierced in our studio but I was recently persuaded by a 4 year old to make an exception and we happily did so. This is a different experience when a child wants their ears pierced, they are old enough to give consent, and they are allowed to pick their first pair of earrings. This is a big moment! Even if your child already has their ears pierced

Why is everyone always raving about professionally made earrings?

They have comfortable backings and are built for long term wear. The flat pieces on the backside make sleeping and maneuvering through life with jewelry comfortable – once you go flat you will never go back!

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Phone: 321-799-9776

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