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Who owns this joint? This joint is co-owned by Pierre Esbelin and Gregory Marcot, brothers by marriage, co-owners through sound decision making and a collaborative interest in feeding hungry diners the finest crepes this side of the east coast.

What is the address / location? La Crepe De France is located at 707 E New Haven Ave, in the heart of Downtown Melbourne, perched elegantly amidst a small gated courtyard where diners can enjoy outdoor eating while basking in the community atmosphere of Melbourne’s downtown scene.

How did you come up with the concept for your restaurant? We are brother-in-laws and we were both business owners in France. Two years ago we decided to start a new adventure and move in Florida with our respective families. We were looking to buy a restaurant with a good development potential, in a popular area, so we bought La Crepe De France.

We ran it as it was during the first year to determine what about the restaurant could be improved; both the good and not-so-great aspects. So last year we decided to change things up and turn our concept into a Farmer-chic Breakfast and Lunch restaurant. We now offer new hours (now open 7 days a week: 8am to 2:30pm), new décor, and a newly updated menu featuring not only crepes, but much more.

Our focus is more on fresh produce, natural ingredients, and quality food. We make homemade jam without pectin, we also serve all natural meat with no added chemicals or preservatives. Everything is created from scratch and made to your order.

Which dish or recipe are you most proud of? We have a lot of good dishes and recipes like the Crepe Tatin Apple or the Salad La Poulette, but one of the dishes we are the most proud of is the French toast. We made it with the exact recipe of my grandmother, with real French bread, my favorite is the Berry French Toast topped with fresh fruits; so good!!! We also offer home brewed teas, cappuccino, macchiato, some good wines and beers — and of course Mimosas! What would brunch be without a delicious mimosa?

Which is one of the most popular menu items? Right now one of the most popular item is the brunch plate “Frenchy” (eggs prepared to your liking, a fresh fruit medley, homemade jam, choice of a crepe or French toast and choice of bacon or sausages; also a meatless option with a vegan sausage patties).

Tell us what it is about your restaurant that sets you apart from the rest. La Crepe is a lovely spot for Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch where you can find something different in a cozy and casual atmosphere, complete with, of course, the French touch!

La Crepe De France and all of its scrumptious offerings is located at 707 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne FL 32901 | Visit them online to map out your next brunch featuring the finest crepes on the Space Coast.

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