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Restaurant of the Month: Flavour Kitchen and Wine Bar

“Flavour Kitchen’s BRUNCH is an Egg-cellent Way to Sip Away the Sunday Scaries”

It’s fine time to get out and enjoy the fruits of your labors. When the weekend comes and you’re looking for a tasty spot to spend your time and hard-earned dollars, the first thought that comes to mind is a casually delicious brunch. A brunch where mimosas flow like a busy river and the food is distinct and scrumptious.

Though you won’t find a shortage of cafés and breakfast nooks to crush a morning meal around town, the top-spot my taste buds cry for is easily Flavour Kitchen & Wine Bar. Listen, dinner is great, and Chef Jason Bunin never disappoints, but it’s brunch that screams a weekend treat. It’s an adult thing. Life is tough and things are hard, but a killer breakfast shouldn’t be. We popped in for a surprise visit to Flavour Kitchen and crowned Chef Jason King. He was delighted and as lively as ever. If you think an Eggs Benedict is rad, wait until you try the Breakfast Nachos. Or better yet, the Green Eggs and Ham… I personally recommend the Truffled Blue Cheese Fries, it’s like, a mouth-gasm (new word, don’t look it up.)

In front of my eyes, and onlookers of the entire dining room (thanks to a picturesque portal that offers a birds-eye-view of the master Chef at work) he devilishly crafted plate after plate, while clucking along – entertaining anyone willing, and able, to listen. He’s a character, that guy. His passion flows through him and on to every plate he pushes through his window. He has a fantastic staff who ebbs and flows around his creations, creating a dance that would charm even the most discerning of diners.

We asked Chef a few questions, to get a better perspective of the mad scientist behind the window, and boy did we get our answers. He’s got a New York attitude and a laugh that draws you in. His words were filled with verve and his eyes flashed with gusto as he playfully responded to us. Not joking, this is him, he makes no apologies and no excuses, and it’s why we love him.

Tell us, in your own words, a little about yourself.

I’m imperfect man trying to make perfect sh*t. I’m a ‘what do you want’ kinda guy. Let’s get to the point so we can get on with it. This is a restaurant, not a doctors office. What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you, within reason, the way you want it.

What do you say to people who tell you your music is too loud?

Too bad, this is not a morgue. Not for nothin’, but when you go to your friend’s house, do you rearrange their refrigerator too?

Pancakes, French toast or a nice T-bone steak with eggs… Pick your fare, what’s your breakfast?

Aww f*ck, a steak and eggs. I f*cking hate pancakes. I’ve never been a French toast guy either. **carries on singing to himself with the glee of a mad scientist**

Besides the “F” word, what is your favorite word in terms of food.

“Palatable orgasm.” What’s my favorite five letter word: yummy. Nine letter word: delicious.. M&M’s, too. I love M&M’s

What’s your best weekend hangover fix?

Chinese food. (I ask, “Do you make it?”) Naw, f*ck that. I order it from the Chinese guy. We have an understanding.

*asks question to himself* And if I was stuck on a desert island and sh*t…

I’d want a blender, a shower and Cuisine Art so I can make sauce.

Seeing as how you like to sing so much, can you whistle?

Immediately puckers lips and belts out a tune: a full rendition of Guns N Roses’ “Patience”.

Chef Jason says, “I can whistle the sh*t out of sh*t”

How would you describe your cuisine?


Isn’t there a disco ball in here? What do we gotta do to get a disco ball light?

Just turn the f*cking light on.

Aren’t you related to Andrew Bunin of Sandbar Sports Grill?

My brother and I came out of the same chute, but we’re two different motherf*ckers, and I came first.

If you haven’t been to Flavour Kitchen & Wine Bar, go. Pick your dinner mate and just go. Flavour Kitchen is a local’s spot with all the pomp and circumstance you could want. If you want a meal that chill and easy, it’s that too. Most importantly, the food is fantastic and the brunch scene is right where it should be for an easy Sunday morning. Flavour Kitchen & Wine Bar is located at 15 N. Orlando Ave., Cocoa Beach | (321) 613-3573 |

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