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Rest in Peace Gary Propper

By Bob Maier and Gary Lane

Most people who knew Gary Propper, have known “GP” for 50 to 60 years. Gary Lane and I, from Jetson Surf Technology surfboards, are on the opposite end of the spectrum. We have had the pleasure of knowing GP for only a total of 5 or 6 months, but surfers usually bond with surfers, and that’s definitely the case with GP. GP was so stoked when we met when he found out we were surfers from back in the 60’s. We both started surfing in the 60’s, so I’m sure we saw GP tearing it up on all the latest 8mm surfing footage being shown up and down the East Coast.

We actually met through a Surfer Magazine Advertisement we were running, which means even though GP, who could not surf anymore due to an accident, could definitely still get fired up reading surfing magazines!! Just like a surfer…Always checking out the waves and the latest trends, even at 72!!

Once he saw our ad for the Jetson Surf Technology Electric Powered surfboard, GP contacted us and said he wanted to be part of what he called “the next revolution in surfing”, just like the innovative hydraulic /electric powered wave pools. For over 60 years GP has been a huge part of surfing history and he didn’t stop talking about it or living it. It is a lifestyle that all surfers know and live and GP was at his best talking about surfing!

So we began research and development with GP on how we were going to sell Jetson Boards all over America, and as in any organization, you find out a lot about the person. We found out that GP was not only a great surfer but someone with a mind of a great businessman, constantly brainstorming with awesome creativity, who also had a lot of love in his heart. He always said, ”I just want to love on people”, and he did, personally and even in business relationships. We should all learn from GP. He would always say, “People just needed to be loved on.” He always agreed wholeheartedly, that people that are the hardest to get along with, need the most aloha!!!

GP loved the fact that he could be part of surfing his whole life and giving out “much aloha” as he always liked to pass on. We will miss GP as a legend in surfing but more importantly, someone who was a character in so many ways and knew how to share the love that he had in his heart for his family, friends, coworkers and everyone that was blessed to know him.

Rest in Peace GP…

Bob Maier and Gary Lane US Agent, Sales & Service Jetson Surf Technology LLC. 113 5th Avenue Indialantic, FL 32903 (321) 313-8059

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