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Resident of the Month

Cory Redwine

By Jamie Mackenzie

From a successful graphic design company to owning a fleet of charter boats, Cory Redwine’s talents and interests are as diverse and eclectic as our little beach town itself. Although I am looking forward to booking a fishing charter in the near future, it is Cory’s unique way of giving back to our community that truly inspires me.

While many of us participate in monthly “beach cleanups”, Cory creates awe-inspiring sculptures from trash she collects on our local beaches every day. “My husband surfs and we are constantly on the beach, so I started walking around picking up trash to pass time,” she explained. Armed with her bucket and fanny pack, she gathers debris of all kinds from the sand and seaweed, much of which captures her eye because of its unique characteristics. I could hear the giddiness in her voice as she recalled the excitement of finding a doll’s foot that was just too special to place in the trash bucket.

After a short time of collecting, sterilizing, and sorting her treasures, she found herself looking around thinking, “What am I going to do with all of this stuff?” The old shed out back soon received a makeover into a new art studio, with trinkets stored in glass jars and colorful plastic sandcastle buckets (which were no doubt also found during her beachcombing excursions). The question was, “What now?” Her husband, who specializes in marine art suggested, “Make a fish,”… so, she did.

“I made a dolphin and people went nuts when I posted it online,” she said, still sounding shocked that people were so taken by her labor of love. Then came a wahoo, sailfish, and numerous other crafty earth-saving creations; including a tarpon, for which she was commissioned by The Rising Tide Tap & Table to create a unique piece for their hip restaurant in Port Canaveral.

It’s no surprise Cory has been invited to participate in special events that support our environment and to speak to our local youth at elementary schools around Brevard County, as her art is literally SAVING OUR OCEANS. “That’s where it starts, we need to teach our kids to pick up after themselves and others,” she stated, placing emphasis on “and others”. “The whole point [of her art] is to start conversations that inspire others to NOT walk over it, but to pick up the trash.”

With January being “Food Month”, I encourage you to take advantage of the amenities at Port Canaveral, enjoy a meal at The Rising Tide and take a gander at the stunning example of Cory’s craft. While there, take a stroll and stop by to visit Cory and her husband Derek at All Water Adventures. And if you see any trash along your path, pick it up. You may be inspired to create your own work of art.

Learn more about Cory’s artwork @SeaRedwine on Instagram.

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