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Pets of the Month

Pikachu and Roxsie

Wow! It’s already February! Happy Valentine’s Day to all our peeps from the Famous Cocoa Beach Chickens! Our names are Pikachu (the pretty white hen) and Roxsie (the dashing red hen). We are Bantam Cochin hens that were rescued by our Mom and Dad, Kathy and Robin Turner. When we were about 4 months old, our Mom found us at the feed store in a cage with a lot of other chickens who were bullying us. We were both missing our feathers from our back and bums so we were not so pretty. After about 3 months Mom nursed us back to health and our feathers grew back in. People are always amazed on how fluffy and soft we are! Some of our favorite foods are watermelon, lettuce, corn on the cob and dried mealworms. We also love lizards and bugs, and when we catch one, we do a celebratory dance-run around the back yard. Our Mom even gave us a Krispy Kreme doughnut at Surfing Santa and we got glaze all over our beaks! YUM! Our daily regular food is scratch grains and crumbles mixed with oyster shell and grit. The oyster shell is to harden our egg shells and the grit helps with digesting our food. We also like to take dust baths in the sun as it helps keep us clean. Sometimes Mom gives us a water bath in a bucket with dish soap when we are extra dirty. It happens… The warm water relaxes us and makes us fall asleep. You might have seen us out and about at Friday Fest, NKF Surf, Surfing Santa, etc… Most days we like to tool around town in the GEM car, checking out the scenery. We live in the backyard during the day and have a 2 story chicken condo for roosting at night where we are protected from our local predators. It’s pretty sweet, as we have fresh water, hay and nesting boxes where we lay our eggs daily. My eggs are white and Roxsie’s eggs are brown. Lucky friends and family will sometimes be the recipient of our tiny eggs. So if you are interested in having female chickens as pets like us, or if you just want to pet a chicken, you can contact my Mom, Kathy, at See ya on the other side of the road!


Pike before and after\

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