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Pet of the Month

Pierre The Pussycat

My name is Pierre, and as much as the name suggests, I am quite the persnickety one. I have luckily come into my senior years. I am 18 years old and at times show signs of slowing down, but when I hear Kellie (yes, I must keep that professional distance between her and I) talk about taking me to the vet, I seem to perk right back up. And by perking back up, I mean, my obnoxious habits which make my human do whatever I want. It took a few months to train her and we do have set backs(like the time she thought I wasn’t going on her honeymoon) but the majority of the time, she does what she was trained to. In my old age, I spend my spare time on the back porch staring at the birds, who are lucky I’m not even two years younger, and the fence I know I can no longer scale. I do dream about the days when I would fish in the pond, or the neighbor’s fish bowl, or roam acres of land searching for my next excitement. I used to follow my human around at a camp we worked at. Sometimes I would sit under her chair as she was lifeguard on duty at the pool, or sit on the edge of the dock while she hung her feet over, listening to the ear-piercing sounds of kids canoeing. As a self-indulgent French cat, I’d like to spend more time bragging about my escapades, but this column is simply not long enough. As to appeal to the American mind set, I will briefly detail the most exciting moments, although, I do believe the most growth happens in the quiet times, and by growth I mean for Kellie, not myself. I have escaped a car in the middle of an intersection, I was featured on an adoption poster, been on multiple road trips, walked on a leash, commanded control over various dogs, cats, birds, possums, bob cats, etc. and been lost. Those guys who found me, were pretty cool. They fed me tuna and we watched Jerry Springer. I almost didn’t leave. I digress.That’s a story for another time. My best stories stem from spending hours watching storms roll in with my human, binge watching awful TV shows curled up on the couch, or demanding my human and her offspring to do things for me and timing how quickly they do so. As I have accomplished much in my many years, I think in my last moments here I am going to enjoy what life brings me. It isn’t always easy but regardless life is always good. Meow.

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