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Pet of the Month

Hi everyone, I’m Presley, the 140-pound bloodhound who loves to cuddle. Many people stop and ask my mom if I’m full bred because they have never seen such a gigantic bloodhound! Some of my favorite things in life are swimming, playing endless amounts of frisbee, long walks around the neighborhood with my best friend Birdy and hanging out with my mom and nana.

I was born on April fool’s day, which automatically makes me a trickster. I often trick my mom by acting like I want to come inside but run away as soon as she opens the door! It’s so funny seeing my mom and nana try to wrangle me into the house! One of my hidden talents is that I can open the sliding glass door all by myself! I had no choice but to teach myself so I can run outside whenever I see one of those pesky cats! My family says its nice that I know how to open the door, but would be even better if I learned how to close it… but that would make it too easy! My dad is away in New York training to be a Merchant Marine, so I don’t get to see him often, but when he does come home we do cool things like skateboarding and going out in the woods. My dad doesn’t have to do much work when we skateboard because I pull him, and he gets to take a ride!

Every Wednesday my best friend Birdy (who is also a bloodhound) and her dad Dean pick me up and take me to the flea market! We always have lots of fun walking up and down the isles getting lots of pets, love and meeting new friends. One of my favorite parts about going to the flea market is seeing how many different treats I can get! Showing people that I can sit, give paw and look at them with my droopy red eyes always gets me what I want!

My favorite time of the day is when I get to cuddle up to my mom and nana on the couch. I know that I may not be as little as some other dogs, but it doesn’t stop me from laying on someone’s lap! Bed time wouldn’t be the same without a midnight snack (or two) and sucking on my blankey (it puts me right to sleep). My mom always says she wishes she could be as comfortable as I look while I sleep, if I could teach her I would! I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about a big bloodhound like me, and any of you humans out there reading this story to your pet should have them share their story too!

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