Out and About in April

Updated: May 28, 2020

Rockledge Gardens in Rockledge, Florida is offering the opportunity to shop small and support local throughout social distancing. Farmers Market boxes, t-shirts, and gift cards can be ordered online or through curbside pick up. Their curbside service is a way to provide fresh, local, and organic produce without the hassle. Inventory will be available on the Rockledge Gardens website for online orders, local delivery and curbside pick-up.

Go to www.rockledgegardens.com to place your pickup order.

Out and About takes a new spin this month, as 2020 has been cancelled. We had lots of great plans for this month but Coronavirus says otherwise. This spring so far has been drunk and we request that it goes home. Also, M Night Shyamalan called and he wants his movie script back. But seriously, as plans change we must (toilet paper) roll with the punches, right? Use this time to take up a new hobby. Take a photo per day to challenge your artsy side or take advantage of YouTube and learn something new. If you are still working or your job is not affected, consider supporting other small businesses because we are hurting over here (in fetal position, as we cry into our cup of ice cream). And remember, six feet apart, you heathens!

You can order a variety of local herbal tea, CBD/Magnesium lotion, CBD prerolls, CBD skin serum, tinctures, beard oils, soaps, sage smudge sticks, bath soaks, and more by going to mistibludream.com/shop Instagram @WildlingApothecaryUS