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Hansel and Gretal had a house made of sugar. If you had to pick three edible ingredients to build a home, what would they be and why?

Steven from Orange Construction: Orange peels: wall coverings and water resistance for waterproofing/flashing. Cellulose fibers can be used for carpets and upholstery. Potato peels can be compressed into a wood substitute for wall panels and interior framing (fire resistant and light weight). Rice/grains: straw bales from these can be used in structural exterior walls and provide insulation. I may have over thought it a bit, but I can do that from time to time.

Mal Rodriguez from Massey: Doors made of watermelon, walls made of prosciutto, roof made of pecans coated in sugar! I hope there is no rain!

Reznor from Rockledge High: Homemade brownies. Pizza from Lello’s in Rockledge. Cheeseburgers from Five Guys.

Lorraine from Cocoa Moose & Taco Day: OMG, I don’t know! Tortillas for sure, for the walls. Wow… Does it have to be waterproof? Oranges for the roof, bacon for sidewalks. Yep. That’s my answer!

Christina IG @thectinashow: Chipotle peppers, agave, and dark chocolate for me!

I would have said Dels Freeze ice cream but we live and Florida and your house would melt. (I love how I am thinking about this like it’s a real thing). If it is, I want my whole house made out of a chocolate freeze from Dels Freeze with mini chocolate chips. Sandra IG @everywave_sandra

Schuyler (Registered Nurse): 1) Strawberry Shortcake because they are pretty and since I don’t eat sweets I won’t want to eat my home. 2) Gluten-free bread because it’s as hard as a rock and could withstand a hurricane. 3) Roasted garlic to hold it all together and it smells soooo good (I’m Italian).

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