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Offshore Fishing Report

Updated: May 2, 2020

By Greg Rapp

April is typically a better month than March and this March was the best we have ever seen. The perfect storm for phenomenal fishing is happening and those who are not scared to get out and take advantage of fresh salt air and vitamin D will be rewarded.  We can expect a very good mahi run this year. The bait has pushed in and a lot of nice fish will be on this side of the Gulf Stream because of the long stretch of very calm sea conditions we have had. Sailfish and black fin tuna will also be in the mix so your very best bait is going to be small select ballyhoo rigged naked and leave it up to your teasers to bring everything into the spread. Deep drop fishing for golden tile fish is also going to be great and is the perfect plan to combo with a day of mahi fishing. It really doesn’t take any effort at all to make a few test drops if mahi fishing happens to be slow the day you are out in the deep water or if you want to put a little bottom variety in the fish box. The key will be to stagger your drops by depth between 500 to 700 ft of water. Once you get a bite that will be the depth you want to stay in the rest of the day. Live bait trolling the main reefs and wrecks with pogy’s or threadfins is hands down the most action packed and consistent fishing we have. This is almost always the case no matter what time of year. April just provides a greater chance at a wide variety of species. King mackerel will be the most aggressive but you will also catch mahi, cobia, tuna, sharks, sail fish and wahoo. King mackerel might be 10 to 1 on the other species but if action and ease is what you want then live bait trolling is the way to go. I am writing this a few days ahead of time and I do not know what this virus is going to allow everyone to do. If we still have our freedom to be out and about or it quickly passes, I highly suggest getting the family on the water, in the sun, breathing in fresh salt air and taking advantage of the unbelievable fishing this month. 

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