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October Bartender of the Month Ray Clancy

Where are you from, originally? IRELAND

How long have you been bartending? 11 Years

What is your drink of choice? Jameson

Can you recommend a hangover cure? More Alcohol

Most overrated / underrated drink? Overrated: Jameson, pickle back Underrated: straight up alcohol. Why mix it or wash it down with something?

What the funniest pickup line you’ve overheard while on the job? Are you from Ireland? Girl: No. Guy says: You must be because my dick is “Dublin” since you walked in

Which closing / opening duties do you like the least? Closing in general because I’m so forgetful I have to check over things 10 times

Favorite perks of being a bartender? Drinking free coffee behind my bar

Where do you spend your time on the other side of the bar? Paddy Cassidy’s Irish Pub

Tell us a quick horror story about a bartending mistake you’ve made. I put salt on the rim of a martini glass instead of sugar. Needless to say the customer was pissed off and didn’t tip lol

How much sexual innuendo increases your tips? None because I always mess them up

What would you order for you last meal? Steak and potatoes

What is number one on your bucket list? Bungee jump off the ledge in Queenstown New Zealand

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