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November Bartender of the Month



Billy Paul could’ve written that song just for her! This brunette beauty dishes up sweet smiles

and strong libations, patrons be warned. She’s clever, she’s cute and she and can fully inspire a

hunger deep in the gut … for tasty treats, of course! Safely perched from behind one-hell-of-a

cool bar, Stella tickles the fancy with her fine knowledge of Preacher Bar’s delicious dishes and

adult beverages and serves it up with all the aplomb you’d expect from a nice Catholic, school


1. Where are you from, originally?

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale! Which is no surprise since I am Venezuelan, and south

Florida has the highest percentage of Venezuelans in the nation.

2. How long have you been bartending?

Preacher Bar is my first bartending job, and I’ve been here for almost 3 years. Prior to that, I

was a cocktail waitress and I’ve also been a server since I was 18 years old. (9 years agoyikes!)

3. What is your drink of choice?

A margarita with Casamigos tequila, please! Casamigos is the Titos of tequila – super smooth

and delicious.

4. Can you recommend a hangover cure?

Health studies will say: rest, water and rest… I say, “Eat some bacon and keep on drinking!”

5. Most overrated / underrated drink?

Overrated: any red drink. I’m bored of people thinking something is cool simply because its red.

Some people don’t even know what’s in the drink, just that its red and sweet.

Underrated: Old Fashioned. I’m not a bourbon drinker, and I didn’t think there was anything real

skilled about putting together sugar and bitters (and an orange and a bourbon cherry), but after

working at Preacher Bar, I have earned a new respect for the process and outcome.

6. What the funniest pickup line you’ve overheard while on the job?

“Know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u” (Insert knee-slapping gesture here.)

7. Which closing / opening duties do you like the least?

Juicing lime juice. We use fresh-squeezed lime juice for our mules and that’s one of our most

popular drinks, so we have to juice A LOT and limes are so small, ugh.

8. Favorite perks of being a bartender?

Every day is pay day! Tax free dough $. Networking: I get to socialize with a number of people

each shift and build relationships and friendships. The ability to alter schedule with short notice

(in case of emergencies, of course!)

9. Where do you spend your time on the other side of the bar?

Radisson Tiki Bar (super hot bartender!), Dog-n-Bone, Fish Lips, Hogans and Grahams are the

mains, but I show love at almost all the bars! I’m super excited for the new places getting ready

to open up.

10. Tell us a quick horror story about a bartending mistake you’ve made.

I had a pretty full bar and two people walked in. I briefly looked over and said, “hi ladies! I’ll be

right with you”. Then I walked over to them with menus and said “Sorry for the wait, ladies. How

are you today?” When I looked up, I realized one of them was in fact a man…thankfully neither

one of us acknowledged the “ladies” comment (that I did twice!) and continued on.

11. How much sexual innuendo increases your tips?

Depends on the bar and the type of clientele the bar is attracting. I’m pretty social and outgoing,

so mostly everyone who comes to the bar knows I’m married within .2 seconds of talking to me

lol, so my tip increases typically come from me being friendly, attentive and sweet. If it were up

to my flirting, I’d be broke.

12. What would you order for you last meal?

Pulled pork nachos and a Preacher Burger with a side of Bacon Mac-n-cheese! It would

definitely be my last meal because I’d explode from being so full after all that deliciousness.

13. What is number one on your bucket list?

To go to Italy! !

Come sit at Stella’s bar and talk about life or her cute, new husband. Make

your way in to Preacher Bar today and say hello. We recommend the

Moscow Mules. Preacher Bar is located at 8699 Astronaut Blvd, Cape

Canaveral. Just in front of the Radisson Resort. Learn more and see their

menu at

Do you know of a great bartender and would like to

nominate them for Bartender of the Month? Email and tell us all about them.

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