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LOCAL SCRIBE: Steve Romano

“A Beachside Season of Gratitude and Giving”

By the time you’ve read this article, hopefully, everyone will have had a great Thanksgiving and we put on a gorgeous Art Show!

There truly is nothing like the holidays in Cocoa Beach. We have a parade on land (Cocoa Beach Christmas Street Parade: December 7th) and on the water (Cocoa Beach Christmas Boat Parade: December 14th). We have a Friday Fest that turns into a Winter Fest – nothing beats watching kids laughing – and then on the 25th of December we have thousands of Santas converging on the beach for a morning of sun and surfing. Who needs snow? Not us!

These are all great events, but when I think of Christmas in Cocoa Beach, I think of all the great people we have here. I see on my Facebook page people like Jill Steinhauser who just had her 7th annual Turkey Drive fundraiser for locals feeding locals. Jim Dale who travels to Haiti and other countries to help the sick. Our very own main man here at The Beachside Resident, Craig Harriman, who puts together a surf outing for wounded vets. These are just a handful of the great people in this town that make it the greatest little city in the world. I know there are many more out there that give and do good things, and for this, we thank you! The good folks far outweigh the bad, especially here. Go out and buy a toy, drop it off at the Toys for Tots drop off locations. If you see or know of a Veteran, thank them for their service and maybe even pick up their tab. If there is someone you’ve had a falling out with, pick up the phone and call them. Better yet, go see them! One thing that works for me is walking on the beach. As I write this, I will be heading out for my 136th straight day of walking. Some days I walk with friends, other days I walk by myself. I have witnessed beautiful sunrises and a few gloomy days, but I find the people along my walk to be the most interesting. Everyone pretty much says good morning, and most all seem to be in a good mood. There is something about our ocean that does that. Merry Christmas to all………Do the right thing it’s not hard.

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