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Local Art Guide: Peterson Guerrier

Updated: May 28, 2020

Peterson Guerrier is best known for his work with the concept of duality. Whether through his painting or his photography, he has always expertly portrayed the juxtaposition between different extremes. In his paintings, Peterson’s layering technique along with his use of color brings his works to life. When different elements of the paintings emerge they create their own intriguing storyline left open to interpretation. Seeking a more individual painterly result, Peterson instills in his work a strong sense of energy and tension. He incorporates an idea of Einstein’s, “Every physical description revolves itself into several statements, each of which refers to the space-time coincidence of two events A and B.” In many of Peterson’s series, soft deposits of color saturate the surface and fuse into one another. His vivacious and instinctual approach captures recognizable imagery by transforming the layers of color, thus animating the multiplying shapes and energetic drips. Peterson’s work has been commissioned by various high-profile companies in hospitality and advertising. His work has been installed in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas. Featured in Boutique Design magazine. He has shown in galleries across the country, including the Mennello Museum, City Art, Snap! Orlando, Grand Bohemian Gallery, X Contemporary Gallery, and Aqua Miami at Art Basel. Peterson currently lives and works in Orlando, Florida.

What inspires you?

Peterson: Inspiration comes from everything and anything to be quiet honest. I can’t have silence, music is very important to the creative process. However, inspiration is having a blank canvas and letting my imagination run while without a plan for a couple of minutes. An artist’s job is not to be perfect but to be creating.

Where is your Favorite local art hub?

Peterson: I would have to say, for now, it is my Studio in downtown, Red Tape Orlando. Because of the location, it makes it easy to put music on and just people-watch while I create. Never a dull moment.

Upcoming projects?

Peterson: My team and I are currently finishing the largest mural in Central Florida for TG Lee and the Dairy Farmer of Florida. I am also in the middle of working on a couple of shows for the upcoming year. First is a Circus theme show that I’ve been plotting in my head for the past 8 years. I now feel ready to share my madness with the world. Right after I will be doing a Gallery opening at the Orlando City Hall Terrace Gallery for black history month.

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.

Peterson J Guerrier

Artist / Photographer


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