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LOCAL AMP: Through the Roots (2019 Fall Tour)

Through the Roots (2019 Fall Tour)

By Omayra Lopez

Through the Roots launched their fall tour, promoting their latest album, “Arrival.” Joining them, is Pacific Dub, Promoting their latest single, “Hold Me Down.” This lineup brings some of the best of West Coast Reggae to the East Coast. We got to catch their Florida run as they passed through Orlando, for an unforgettable Sunday Funday, opened up by hometown reggae band, The Strongbacks.

For a Sunday show, the small downtown venue was pretty packed with reggae fans who traveled within Orlando’s 100-mile radius. The overall sound was excellent. 

This is a lineup that was worth the trip for not just reggae fans but for anyone who enjoys independent music and supports the local scene.


Here’s Your Lineup:

Headline: Through the Roots

Opening: Pacific Dub

The Strongbacks

Omayra is a Central Florida based freelance photographer and concept artist.  Her creative outlets are portrait and concert photography and surreal abstract painting. For more on her travels and the rad artists she’s met along the way visit:

<<Facebook>> @visualartsbyomayra

<<Instagram>> @photographybyomayra & @omirieart

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