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Eos. The goddess of dawn. Would it have been serendipitous to name a brilliant short movie featuring famed surfer Kassia Meador after her?

Bruce Muller, Director/Writer/Creator and a not-so-long-ago resident of Cocoa Beach, debuted his artistry with an evoking, primal, and visceral surf film that is just plain SEXY. The film showcases Kassia Meador, an iconic female professional longboarder, ex Roxy Ambassador, and wetsuit company entrepreneur for the Kassia Surf company, in her element, dancing through the waves, making a surfer’s connection to the ocean tangible to all who attended this showing at the Surfside Playhouse.

Muller’s use of light, landscape, and sound creates a foundation that connects us all to the earth. Meador’s presence in the film is powerful and feminine as she appears as a metaphorical representation of all of us working through triumphs and tribulations of life.

When we interviewed Muller we inquired of the various locations where the film was shot. We were told the principal locations included: Pacific Ocean and the Anza Borrego Desert of California. Also, the forests of Big Sur., California. For the underwater scenes, the Maldives. The land-based scenes included the interiors of New York City, San Diego and Downtown L.A. Simply put, incredible backdrop visuals for the films narrative.

Director Muller’s film explores existential metaphors by paying homage to ancient eastern philosophies, mirrored by the masterful surfing Kassia Meador. Haunting visuals of Kassia’s face marked with inscriptions invoke lasting impressions long after the film closes. We were told the inscriptions were Kanji calligraphy (facial painting) “tattoos”. Muller says, “I wrote a poem, an archive that was transcribed onto her face, neck and arms. It is essentially the archive of her temporal existence. The Shadow Self…”

If you missed the opportunity to see the film, it may be some time before you have the chance again as Muller’s film is coursing the international film festival circuit right now, so we won’t have it available until it goes around the world for a while. However, let’s be clear, it’s a must see. Great talent has come from our small town and Bruce Muller can be counted as one. We would like to thank Bruce Muller, the Surfrider Foundation and the Cocoa Beach Playhouse for the opportunity to experience this incredible film. The memory of its imagery lingers still.

EOS by Director Bruce Muller

Co-Authored by Jessica Stern & Sharon Lacy

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