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“Sunburns, Razor Burns and More”

We get it… Florida will never run out of stories highlighting the unbelievably moronic events that happen in our fine state. However, we cannot always continue to take the blame. After all, we are a destination spot for those who are looking to vacation, relax, and soak up our sun shining state; like one woman at an Orlando resort… Vacationers witnessed her shaving her legs in a public pool, full of people.

Do Not Pass Go

You know how the saying goes, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, or in this case, arrested. A police officer on duty in St Johns Florida was been pulled over by another patrolling police officer. The only problem being was the other officer was a 20 year old Ohio man with illegal lights on his 99 Crown Vic and failed to realize Florida does NOT have a get out of jail free card for police imposters.

“Naked & Afraid”

A young man from Massachusetts went to Brevard County court in a 2-piece jumpsuit and flips flops, which happened to be three more pieces of clothing than he was found in on this Titusville woman’s back porch. Though she is a woman of advanced years, she stood her ground, put her hands up like a bear with claws, removed her teeth, and frightened the naked man away. The woman claims, “He wasn’t scary, he was a dumbass.”


“Think happy thoughts, or else.”

Walt Disney World’s magical experience is known to be one of the happiest places on Earth, but every so often, the fairy dust settles and things get real. After a full day of exploring all the theme park has to offer, this Michigan woman was also given the grand tour of the Orange County Jail System for choking a student who had blocked her view of the firework finale in Magic Kingdom.

“Honey, Don’t Wait Up”

No matter how many lanes Florida highways seem to have, traveling, no matter the time of day, is never an easy task. With bumper to bumper traffic and fender-bender accidents, there always seems to be something to slow down our commute. However, a man coming from Boca Raton took road rage to a whole new level when he stopped all traffic on I-4 to land his private plane. “Honey, I’m going to be a little late for dinner.”

“Spread Your Wings and Fly”

Yes, many come to Florida on travel, but we too can leave the nest. This Ft. Lauderdale passenger, and U.S. Airways, refused to let anyone clip his wings or require him to add more feathers to his wardrobe. Despite the complaints and wandering eyes he was permitted to board his flight. We can imagine that the lack of layers all

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