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Keep Florida Weird

Malaina Basak: When I was about 10 or so, the neighbors next to us had cops and firefighters in the front yard. I walked up and noticed a baby gator.

Christina A. Marroquin: When I moved to Chicago, every time I met someone who had the same music taste as me…. They always ended up being from Florida originally. It was nuts.

Jessica Kramer: Just went to Cassadaga today for the first time. I took my mom with me and as we were finding somewhere to park. Something told me to park further down the road in a little parking lot outside the temple. She’s getting out of the car and couldn’t find her glasses so she couldn’t see up close without them. Right next to my car, hanging from a tree branchwas a pair of glasses! This was exactly how we found them right next to the car. It gave us goosebumps. Then I voiced out loud how it would be awesome to find some money laying on the ground. Did not find any money.

Jon G-hart: When I was in 7th grade, everyone saw a UFO in the sky in Merritt Island. It was a clear day around 4-6pm and there was a light in the sky going all over and standing still, then going again. I was skateboarding but a friend on the other side of the island at baseball practice saw it too. So did a bunch of other people. So many, in fact, the news that night said it was a buring weather balloon… it was not a weather balloon!

Afton Johnson: I went to the beach and there was a gator in the water about 5-6ft or so.

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