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Fishing Report

JUNE 2020

Cocoa Beach, FL- Summer has arrived and it is time to ease right into vacation mode. Calm seas and easy fishing will allow us to leave the worries of the world on land. It doesn't get much easier than June for great fishing out of Port Canaveral / Cocoa Beach. Catch live bait, ride east until the water turns blue and slow troll until you're ready to get back to the Tiki Bar for your favorite cocktail. Everything that swims is your target but the king mackerel is the most dominant fish with mahi, cobia, sailfish, bonito, sharks, wahoo and black-fin tuna all being very common catches. If you are not sure how to slow troll, just look up what is called a stinger rig or king rig. Attach it to your line with a small swivel or albright knot and hook your live bait in the nose and put the boat in gear just as slow as you can get it to go. It is just that easy.

Captain Greg Rapp


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