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Jetson Surf Technology

Goosebumps emerged, and my spine tingled as Gary Lane told the epic tale of his 1 minute, 27 second wave at the famous break in Chicama, Peru. Deemed the longest, most perfect, left-breaking wave in the world, the approximate 1.4-mile ride elicits a surfer’s high that cannot be attained at other breaks. Add in the stoke of Gary experiencing it on a board he is so passionate about, and you couldn’t have slapped the smile off his face that day!

Gary’s friend, a lifetime surfer, dreamed of creating a jet-propelled board from the time he was a young boy. That idea came to fruition when Gary introduced him to an innovator who helped make the dream a reality. A self-proclaimed “soul surfer”, Gary was surprised to find he caught more waves on the jet-propelled surfboard than the boards he surfed his whole life. However, with every great idea there is a learning curve, and although the first boards were a blast to ride, challenges arose due to the weight and initial design.

When the original company — for which Gary was a rep — closed a few years ago, he was unable to extinguish the fire burning inside to produce a reliable, durable, and lighter jet-propelled surfboard. He searched the world for the right partners and found synergies with a trio of innovators in Spain to produce superior handcrafted boards. The new company found solutions for all the prior challenges. “We worked hard to find an innovative surf tool for everyone,” he said.

When asked about his motivation to develop these rad boards that give you a boost at the key moments during a ride, you could hear the excitement in his voice when he said, “To catch more waves!” Another example he shared was surfing legendary Monster Hole at Sebastian Inlet. To reach the line-up you must paddle 1/3 mile through strong currents which could render even the fittest surfers too exhausted to catch a wave. With the Jetson board, you can use low power to get a gentle push and save valuable energy on the way out. “You can also catch waves 10-15 feet further out because of the momentum you receive from the board,” he added.

Jetson also offers their patented technology on stand-up paddle boards and rescue boards. These boards provide the speed needed to get back to shore in case a brewing storm interrupts your paddle, or for a single rescuer to reach a victim quickly in the event of an emergency. The City of Boca Raton’s Fire Rescue Services Division recently entered into a contract with Jetson Surf Technology to purchase their rescue boards, and inquiries have been received from Palm Beach Fire Rescue and the City of San Clemente Marine Safety Division.

So how would you like to ride the longest, most perfect, left-breaking wave in the world? In May 2019, Gary and his team will begin hosting the surf adventure of a lifetime, where you can join them in Chicama, Peru to create your own epic tale.

Don’t want to wait that long to try them out? If you’re anything like me, you’ve already thought of multiple ways you can personally use this innovative water vehicle to improve your own surfing or SUP experience. Another cool thing about Jetson is you can try any board of theirs you want, anywhere you want for 10 days and return it, no questions asked! Yes, ANYWHERE! Want to try it out at Pipeline? Go right ahead! Jetson’s customers have tested boards at breaks in Peru, the Maldives, and countless other dream surf destinations. Amazingly, no boards have ever been returned. They are also developing a trial program for their rescue boards.

So, with winter swells on the horizon, it’s time to think about how to boost your game. Learn more about how Jetson can help at

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