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Inshore Fishing Reports From Captain Alex on the Space Coast

The cold is here but the fishing is red hot! Most think of winter as cooler air, Christmas gifts, bonfires and all the festivities that happen along with the holiday season. I personally think of all the awesome fishing opportunities the cool weather brings to the Space Coast! Winter is a fantastic time of the year!

When it comes to fishing these cooler months, I really try to get out along the beach (weather permitting). Having more west and north winds in between fronts usually creates some great opportunities for a plethora of tasty fish from pompano, whiting, to even triple-tail and cobia. Casting small 3/4 oz goofy style jigs with teasers tipped with shrimp or sand fleas along the surf is the best method whether by boat or even the land-based angler. But, what I really love is the tripletail fishing! The best way to catch tripletail is by using a 1/8 oz jig head with a jumbo shrimp. Tripletail is found often around buoys, weed lines or even just floating debris; not only are they a great fish to catch but they are flat out delicious!

When it comes to preparing tripletail I prefer to use three simple ingredients. Grab a large bowl and put a generous amount of mayonnaise, lightly mix the mayonnaise with garlic powder, and teriyaki sauce, try to get a pretty good balance of each… no measuring required. Next, soak your tripletail fillets in this mixture for 20 minutes and coat the fish repeatedly as it cooks. The best way to do this is on a flattop or grill; serve with mashed potatoes, shrimp and garlic bread for a delicious meal! I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and gets out to enjoy some great winter fishing.

Captain Alex Hughey

All Water Adventures

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