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Inshore Fishing Report

Captain Alex Hughey’s Inshore Report

This month has been a little crazy! Cold, hot, windy, and wet at times; it seems Mother Nature can’t make up her mind! Luckily the fish have still been cooperating quite well! As usual, the winter black drum fishing in all three lagoon systems has been absolutely fantastic. From the Banana River to Mosquito Lagoon, the black drum have been all over the shallow water flats with deep water access close by, as well as just about every bridge and even on some of the deeper docks in the Banana River.

When it comes to black drum fishing, think slow and stinky! Black drum feed primarily by sense of smell and are extremely lazy; the best go to baits are a dead rotten shrimp, 1/4 blue crab, or even clams. The artificial enthusiast can still have a blast pulling on these fish using gulp shrimp and d.o.a paddle tails. When fishing artificial, especially it’s very important to really slow down your presentation, once you’ve located the fish it’s very critical to toss ahead of them and let them work their way to your lure, slowly drag your lure just enough to create a disturbance in the sand and wait for the thump! This bite should continue and only get better, most fish are anywhere from 10 to even 50 lbs. Anyone looking for a good fight and fun for all ages now is the time to get out and bend a rod!

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