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Inshore Fishing Report

Updated: May 2, 2020

By Alex Hughey

Spring is in the air! Finally, a break from the cold, windy, and down right miserable weather! Spring is here and providing multiple options when it comes to fishing the flats. From Cocoa Beach, all the way to Mosquito Lagoon, spring typically has some great fishing; whether you want speckled trout, redfish, or even snook and tarpon, spring can be a great time. Thankfully spring is a little warmer and generally has nicer winds. Relatively dry winter water levels have stayed low and the water has been clean! These conditions can be some of the best for early season sight fishing snook and sea trout along the mangrove shorelines and docks. Look for areas with a slight depth change from shallow to deep and you’re sure to get on some good fish! Not only will the snook and tarpon start to make more of an appearance, but also the bull reds will gradually make their way to their typical spots. Larger sandbars with steep drop offs such as whale tail and tiger shoals are prime habitats. Large cut baits like ladyfish, black mullet, or whole blue crabs are the bait of choice when it comes to these giants! It’s not as common to catch these fish on artificial; most fish are 20 years old or more and have seen it all! Although, when the stars align it’s not impossible. Gulp shrimp, mirrolure lil johns, and d.o.a paddle tails are always great go-tos. The inshore bite should continue to improve and only get better as the weather gets warmer!

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