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Holiday News of the Weird

Celebrating Mrs. Claus

As if women need anymore reason to dream of running away to Italy. On the Eve of their holiday, parents leave out a plate for a kind, old (possibly ugly) witch known as Befana. Goodies include spiced sausage, broccoli (probably covered with cheese) and a glass of wine! Sounds to me like it’s not for the children.

Chopstick Lickin’ good

For over 40 years, Japan has celebrated a day which, surprisingly, has yet to become a national American holiday. December 25th marks the (unofficial) KFC Day. The tradition to feast on “finger-licking-good” fried chicken is so popular, orders for this special event are asked to be placed at least two months in advance. The myth is true: KFC can run out of chicken.

Cover the smell with Frankincense and Myrrh

In certain parts of Spain, often tucked away in a more private area of the nativity scene, a figurine named El Caganer “The Defecator” can be found squatting with his pants down, presenting a more “cheeky” gift than what is traditionally offered by the Three Wise Men.

Blessings, Beets, Sweet Baby Jesus of Bethlehem

Dwight Schrute might possibly be the only person to love this Mexican tradition more than Mexicans themselves. Every year on December 23, Oaxaca presents the most impressive display of the religious scenes, animals, celebrations and much more, made completely out of radishes. Dear White People: No more relish trays!

Killer Kitty

Having trouble getting your spoiled children to appreciate the new socks and undies Santa brought them for Christmas? There’s a simple solution: send them to Iceland. There they will meet the Yule Cat: a monstrous and vicious kitten that lurks around during the holiday season and eats people who have not received any clothing.

Blades of Praise & Glory

Caracas, Venezuela completely closes off their streets the week before Christmas to ensure the city’s residents can safely commute to early mass… on rollerblades. As though that’s not enough, skaters are encouraged to tug the end of long pieces of string tied to children’s toes dangling out of their windows.

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