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GET FIT TIPS By Suzanne Elliott, M.A., Ed.


What real estate do YOU use for your fitness and well-being? Where is the best place to be active? The answer is simple: wherever you go, there YOU are. You are the home of the most important systems. Keep the head and heart of your place efficient and be effective with your time. Use whatever real estate you are upon, with any minute you have, to make the most out of your life; each and every heartbeat.

Take a dip while sitting in the park

This month FIT YOU on your schedule for a healthier and happier heart. What’s the best activity? The one YOU will do!

Yoga keeps you young at heart. Wherever you are, you can do yoga while only requiring the space of a yoga mat or rug. Practicing yoga will tune you into nature through the moves (or poses), grounding yourself so you can improve yourself. In the process, you learn body awareness, which improves the way you carry your body. Improve your daily posture and your self confidence by how you stand and sit. How you hold yourself up helps your body function better. Better concentration is a result of focusing on yourself while performing yoga postures.

Outdoors. One-to-one, one-on-one or one ‘n all. Get out and enjoy the world around you and have FUN like when you were a kid. Find a way to move that’s fun for you. Skip, skate, surf, ride your bike, take a hike, take a walk here, there, or everywhere and anywhere to get 10,000 steps in per day. Visit all the different beaches, parks and trails in our county to recharge through the gifts of Mother Nature. Walk around your neighborhood and meet your neighbors. Use your creativity and your body to create a more whole and balanced self. Don’t skip a beat to move your feet or get grounded to the earth.

Unity and commUNITY. Understand what makes you happy and how good it makes you feel. This will keep your heart and head happy. Branch yourself out and find others to create more of a world that can evolve around the things you love. Live in a YOUniverse that supports what you love to do and where you love to be. Find your vibe and get with your tribe. Having support highly increases your success to continue the activity.

The reality is we all have the key to unlock all the doors to ourselves to make life better. It’s where you are! Where ever you live, wherever you are, there you are, there YOU be. Love yourself, love where you live. Develop a more fit heart inside and be able to touch more hearts around you.

Suzanne Elliott, MA, Ed has been involved in elderly, kid & teen fitness and team training since 1972. She is a Master Yoga Teacher, Health Minister and Life Coach. She and her husband, Joe, live in Cape Canaveral, involved in their city, sponsor Keep Brevard Beautiful Beach Yoga, Walks and Clean-ups, and together, own H.O.T. YOGA on the Island.

Give yourself a little push at the beach

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