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HOGAN’S EVERY SUNDAY Open Mic Night 8:30p

NOLAN’S EVERY TUESDAY Trivia 7p EVERY THURSDAY Traditional Irish Music 5:30p

ASHLEY’S SPORTS PAGE EVERY FRIDAY Tyler Evans Acoustic 9p-1a SAT: 16 Warrior Misfits Bike Night 4-9p SANDBAR SPORTS GRILL EVERY MONDAY $1 Ritas & Free Nachos with 1st Pitch of Beer FRI: 1 Dub Masters 9p-1a SAT: 2 HOT PINK 9p-1a SUN: 3

King of The Couch: Superbowl Party Sandbooze Sunday w/ DJ Cerino & Guest 9-CL TUE: 5 DJ Goldfinga 9p-1a WED: 6 Jam Band 9p-12a THU: 7 Karaoke 8p-12a FRI: 8 Natty Common Roots 9p-1a SAT: 9 Love Valley 9p-1a SUN: 10 Absolute Blue 4-8p Sandbooze Sunday w/ DJ Cerino & Guest 9-CL TUE: 12 DJ Goldfinga 9p-1a WED: 13 Jam Band 9p-12a THU: 14 Teddy V 3:30-7:30p Karaoke 8p-12a FRI: 15 Jeff Marquis 4-8p Natty Common Roots 9p-1a SAT: 16 SANDBAR 14TH YR ANNIVERSARY PARTY! PLEASE MAKE THIS STAND OUT SOME Scott Baker Band 4-8p K.T.O. 9p-1a SUN: 17 Stonie & The House Rockers 4-8p Sandbooze Sunday w/ DJ Cerino & Guest 9-CL

TUE: 19 DJ Goldfinga 9p-1a WED: 20 Jam Band 9p-12a THU: 21 Jersey Mike 3:30-7:30p Karaoke 8p-12a FRI: 22 REGGAE SPRING BREAK SHOW! PLEASE MAKE THIS STAND OUT SOME 506 Crew Duo 2-6p El Dub & Propaganda 7p-1a SAT: 23 SANDBAR’S WHITE TRASH BASH! PLEASE MAKE THIS STAND OUT SOME Rio’s Rock Band 4-8p HOT PINK 9p-1a SUN: 24 Galaxy 4-8p Sandbooze Sunday w/ DJ Cerino & Guest 9-CL TUE: 25 DJ Goldfinga 9p-1a WED: 27 Jam Band 9p-12a THU: 28 Teddy V 3:30-7:30p Karaoke 8p-12a FRI: 1 Jeff Marquis 4-8p Absolute Blue 9p-1a SAT: 2 Bullet Dodgers 4-8p Absolute Blue 9p-1a

SUN: 3 Jersey South 4-8p Sandbooze Sunday w/ DJ Cerino & Guest 9-CL

WESTGATE CB PIER: KEITH’S OYSTER BAR FRI: 1 Tripptide 6-10p SAT: 2 Patrick Smith 1-4p Kings County 6-10p SUN: 3 Teddy Henderson 2-6p FRI: 8 Bro Code 6-10p SAT: 9 Scotty Jordan 1-4p Napoleon Complex 6-10p SUN: 10 Dana & Sharon 2-6p FRI: 15 Kings County -10p SAT: 16 Patrick Smith 1-4p James Brocato Band 6-10p SUN: 17 Dana & Sharon 2-6p FRI: 22 Rocktown 6-10p SAT: 23 Kris Brocato 1-4p

Love Valley 6-10p SUN: 24 Fes Up 2-6p

WESTGATE CB PIER: RIKKI TIKKI TAVERN SAT: 2 Kris Brocato 1-4p THU: 7 Teddy Henderson 4-7p SAT: 9 Brad Taylor 1-4p THU: 14 Jeremy Hagen 4-7p SAT: 16 Kris Brocato 1-4p THU: 21 Brad Taylor 4-7p SAT: 23 Jeff Marquis 1-4p THU: 28 Jeff Marquis 4-7p

87 MAIN STREET SPIRITS EVERY WEDNESDAY Karaoke w/ Tony 7-10p EVERY THURSDAY Antonio York 7-10p FRI: 1 Daniel Liguori 8-11p SAT: 2 Paul Beach 8-11p

FRI: 8 Paul Beach 8-11p SAT: 9 The Syndicate 8-11p FRI: 15 Kevin Ebright 8-11p SAT: 16 Paul Beach 8-11p FRI: 22 Will Purdy 8-11p SAT: 23 Paul Beach 8-11p MARCH: 1 Will Purdy 8-11p MARCH: 2 Paul Beach 8-11

OPEN MIKE’S EVERY MONDAY Acoustic Open Mic 7-10p EVERY TUESDAY TBA 7-10p EVERY WEDNESDAY “WTF WED” Comedy Night (18+) 8-10p EVERY THURSDAY “Rockin’ Blues” Jam 7-10p EVERY FRIDAY “Wine Me Up” Jazz Jam 7-10p SAT: 2 MADD ILLZ Freestyle Cypher Tour 7-10p SAT: 9 The Savants of Soul w/ Tru Phonic 7-10p

SAT: 16 VIBE Live 7-10p SAT: 23 The Spring & Freak Face 7-10p

RUSTY’S MON: 4 Adam V 5-9p TUES: 5 Jon Parrot or Jake Salter 5-9p WED: 6 Jim Mitchell 5-9p THURS: 7 Jake Salter 5-9p MON: 11 Adam V 5-9p TUES: 12 Jon Parrot or Jake Salter 5-9p WED: 13 Jim Mitchell 5-9p THUR: 14 Jake Salter 5-9p MON: 18 Adam V 5-9p TUES: 19 Jon Parrot or Jake Salter 5-9p WED: 20 Jim Mitchell 5-9p THUR: 21 Jake Salter 5-9p MON: 25 Adam V 5-9p

TUES: 26 Jon Parrot or Jake Salter 5-9p WED: 27 Jim Mitchell 5-9p THURS: 28 Jake Salter 5-9p

GRILLS (PORTSIDE) FRI: 1 Tru Phonic 7:30-11:30p SAT: 2 Krazy Ivan 2-6p Fabulous CT’s 7:30-11:30p SUN: 3 The Kore 3-7p Wed: 6 Chase Harey 6-9p Thu: 7 Jeff Marquis 5-9p Fri: 8 Hypersona 7:30-11:30p Sat: 9 Derek 2-6p Hypersona 7:30-11:30p Sun: 10 Rocket City 3-7p Wed: 13 Josh Whitaker 6-9p Thu: 14 Johnny Danger 5-9p Fri: 15 Vince Reed 7:30-11:30p

Sat: 16 Derek 2-6p Call The Wolf 7:30-11:30p Sun: 17 Red Truck Love 3-7p Mon: 18 Jeff Marquis 2-6p Wed: 20 Jake Salter 6-9p Thu: 21 Jason Domulot 5-9p Fri: 22 Panama 7:30-11:30p Sat: 23 Krazy Ivan 2-6p Even Odds 7:30-11:30p Sun: 24 Derek & The Slammers 3-7p Wed: 27 Johnny Danger 6-9p Thu: 28 Jason Domulot 5-9p

COCONUTS ON THE BEACH EVERY MONDAY Sean Manvell 6:30-10:30p EVERY TUESDAY Alex Rodriguez 6:30-10:30p FRI: 1 Closed SAT: 2 Johnny Danger 1-5p

Tripp Tide 7-11p SUN: 3 Love Valley 2-6p WED: 6 Jason Domulot 6:30-10:30p THU: 7 Joshua Keels 7-11p FRI: 8 TBA SAT: 9 Alex Rodriguez 1-5p The Yesterdays 7-11p SUN: 10 Jason Domulot Band 2-6p WED: 13 Steve Fredericks 6:30-10:30p THU: 14 Jimmy Mazz 7-11p FRI: 15 Tripp Tide 7-11p SAT: 16 Tru Phonic 1-5p Josh Whittaker Trio 7-11p SUN: 17 Jimmy Mazz 2-6p WED: 20 The Bed Heads 7-11p THU: 21 So Paz 7-11p FRI: 22 The Syndicate 7-11p SAT: 23 Josh Whittaker 1-5p

Dub321 7-11p SUN: 24 So Paz 2-6p WED: 27 Steve Fredericks 6:30-10:30p THU: 28 Jimmy Mazz 7-11p

MAINSTREET PUB (MELBOURNE) EVERY MONDAY Trivia Night 7-9p EVERY TUESDAY Open Mic w/ Steve Hodak 7-10p EVERY THURSDAY Live Music w/ Chase 5:30-8:30p EVERY FRIDAY DJ Knockout @ Lava Bar 9p-12a DJ Apache @ Tiki Bar 10p-2a EVERY SATURDAY DJ Knockout @ Lava Bar 9p-12a Guest DJ @ Tiki Bar 10p-2a FRI: 1 The Umbrella Thieves 6-10p SAT: 2 Bedheads 6-10p WED: 6 Chuck Van Riper 5:30-9p FRI: 8 Kathleen Turner 6-10p SAT: 9 Music Moods 6-10p WED: 13

Alex Rodrigez 5:30-9p FRI: 15 The Kore 6-10p SAT: 16 Chuck Van Riper 6-10p WED: 20 Chuck Van Riper 6-10p FRI: 22 Brothers Within 6-10p SAT: 23 Muzak by Zak 6-10p WED: 27 Alex Rodrigez 6-10p FRI: 1 The Umbrella Thieves 6-10p SAT: 2 Bedheads 6-10p




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