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Eco-friendly Nail Polish

Updated: May 28, 2020

By Misti Blu Day McDermott @mistibluday

Bess & Color is an up and coming nail polish brand that is based out of the Space Coast. Their eco-friendly beauty brand uses a zero waste mailer made out of biodegradable material that breaks down after six months. The packaging of the polishes consists of cardboard and the bottles can be reused or recycled. Bess & Color makes the effort to practice healthy and sustainable choices. All of the polishes are vegan, cruelty free, 10 free, and made in the USA. What is “10 free”? 10 free means free of the 10 most toxic chemicals commonly found in nail polish.

So, not only are you supporting local, making an eco-friendly purchase, but also you are cutting toxins from your beauty routine. Wedding photographer Jessica Bellinger is the owner and creator of Bess & Color.

The color palette is inspired by Wes Anderson films and the tones that are reminiscent of his famous movies: Deep Search, O R They?, She Smokes, The Unpaid Intern, Khaki Scout, Zissou Blue, Gypsy Cab Co., Chevalier Bathrobe, Darjeeling, Suzy In The Lighthouse, Team Zissou, Lobby Boy, and two top coat options.

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