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Dr. Joseph G. Smith, A.K.A. “FURSEY O’VEEBEE”

Sir Joe, Dr. Joe, King Natchyo’. One man, many nicknames – and there are more, many more. We know him best as Fursey O’Veebee. Nobody does it like Fursey, so we asked him to write his own bio. You’ll understand why, soon enough. He’s a maverick with words and a damn, fine fellow. We can’t get enough of him. We’ve considered creating a plaque in his honor. He’s a doctor, a writer, a misfit, a father, our friend and a down-ass dude. You’ll see him peppered throughout our pages because his expertise spans the gamete and his words make us giggle. Please enjoy… “The Fursey”: I hail from Virginia Beach, Va, and started coming to the Space Coast in the 80s to see my buddy R-O-Y aka “The best DJ in Palm Bay”, may he rest in peace. I’m an old 1980’s Punk Rock Surfin’ dude who started skateboarding in the 70s, and started snowboarding in 1986 as a Combat Medic in the Army. I love professional rasslin’, making and drinking craft beer, grilling, super-hot peppers, growing vegetables, making hot sauce, a nice mosh pit, bourbon, and old sci-fi to name a few things. I have a lovely wife, Sondra, 4 daughters: Christina, Jessica, Emily, Ariel; and a son Joseph Jr. I started reading The Beachside Resident about 10 years or so ago after reading “Enquire of Romeo”. I thought Romeo Pomodoro was the funniest MF out there. I love all types of music: ska, rockabilly, death metal, old school rap, jazz, punk, new wave, reggae, calypso, old country, bluegrass and more…but then my father in-law William Stevens, aka One-Arm Willie (R.I.P.), turned me on to the Blues. I was amazed at the volume and variety of Blues music out there and how it, The Blues, had a baby and they named it Rock-n-Roll. Me and Willie had fun going to many Blues festivals, getting over-served, waking up with a headache and doing it all over again. Unfortunately, Blues Boy Willie passed away this past September, so I have tried to keep his memory alive by writing about the Blues. But make no mistake about it, I am still an old punk-rocker who will mosh with the best of them. I still love a nice front-side grind on pool coping, a nice warm-water front-side hack, and I will be searching for Animal Chin until I die. Yes, I am a biochemist turned physician, a lower extremity specialist, a Wound Doctor with a bunch of initials after my name, but who cares about that? Not me. It’s just my job. It doesn’t define me. I love this area, it is one of my favorite places in the world.

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