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Dear Mom Thank You for Everything

By Bradley Trevor Greive

9780740715280, $9.95

How many of us let our moms know how much they are appreciated? Author, Bradley Trevor Greive, conveys through pictures and prose many of the words of feelings to describe how special our moms are. There is also a uniqueness to the photos as all are different types of animals with selected thoughts of love about mothers. “Dear Mom Thank You for Everything” is for any season to help express the affection of one of our parents we should all express year round. 

Butterfly Kisses

By Bob Carlisle

9780849953538, $9.99

Daughters and fathers have a special relationship that is expressed in “Butterfly Kisses.” Bob Carlisle has compiled thoughts by daughters about their fathers and the same for daughters, in their own words, about their fathers.  Each person has selected something about the bond between them.  There are also pictures that conclude with one daughter at her wedding with her father.  “Butterfly Kisses” is a touching collection that is a perfect gift all year long. 

A Father’s Love

By Bob Carlisle

97808499534757, $9.99