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Beachside Opinions

You’ve been appointed the official Beachside tour guide of the day.

Where are you taking people?

Zareh Hadden

I work front desk at the La Quinta Oceanfront. I recommend all our guests check out the Pier, stop at Ron Jon’s and the aquarium in the CB Surf Co., I send them to Downtown Cocoa Beach to walk around and check out the shops, bars and restaurants. I tell guests to enjoy the sunset at Squidlips. I recommend eating at the Port and watching the ships sail. I always suggest a kayak or pontoon tour on the beautiful Intercostal and of course, KSC.

Tonia Shubert Contorno

Peacock peeping, cruise ship departure at the Port, Coconuts or Squidlips. Cocoa Beach for lunch on the water. Ride by the Pier, key lime pie at the FL Key Lime Pie Co. and breeze through Ron Jon’s and the Shark Pit after that.

Gina Koch

Sebastian Inlet(both sides), Playalinda, Jungle Trail, Port Canaveral Jetty Park, Kelly Slater Statue, Victory Casino

Hema Svatik

Dakine Diego’s. Bizarros at Indialantic. Monkey Bar. Maybe Skewers. Besides the beach, of course.

Robin Chichester

I’d start off at the Port and end at the Inlet.

Sally CV

I’d give them a few pointers, like take A1A up North passed Cocoa and send them on their way. They are welcome to call me if they get lost, but they have phones so I don’t see why that would be necessary.

Darlene Root Crowley Fernandez

Juice and Java. Best food and coffee in town!

VickiLynn Leslie

River Road and come back across any beautiful causeway.

Jessica Haines

A nice drive down Tropical Trail

Natalie Dehr

Surf 4th Street South or if the waves suck then kayak around the thousand islands. Also can’t beat a yoga class and Cafe Surfinista for an açaí bowl after!

Tracy Abbott

I would probably start with a walk on the beach. Non-locals love Coconuts, and that whole street has lots to offer, so we’d probably walk around and check out the shops while there. At night we would have to pop into Hunker Down, Coconuts, Beach Shack & Thirsty Oyster to see what live bands are playing in the area. Perhaps Juice & Java, and maybe even Heidi’s. Friday Fest is always a hit. I would consider the Pier, however, paying to park would not work for me. Paddle boarding in the river when the weather is right; so much to do and see and eat!

William Bass

Probably go to the Pier, maybe Ron Jon’s, Coconuts and Beach Shack.

DeAnna Naese and nine others say:

Back to where they came from!

Lois Marie

Lunch at the world famous Coconut’s on The Beach, then to the Port to see the ships. Maybe even a launch.

Scott Shields

Playalinda! Beautiful old Florida on the way and naked beach!!

Garry Varley

Beachside Helicopters!!!

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