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Bartender Of The Month


Kippy Makepeace has deserved the esteemed title of “Bartender of the Month” for some time now. Every bartender’s favorite bartender, Kippy is a staple for the Grill’s team and a go-to for many in the industry.

We can’t say enough good things about Kippy Makepeace! She is one of the most well-informed, hard-working and knowledgeable bartenders you will find this side of the mahogany. Kippy has worked for Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar for nearly 20 years now, and she sets the standard! This wonderful human greets everyone with a smile, and warmth, straight from the heart. Ms. Kippy would be impossible not to love. She has an incredible personality and she is, without-a- doubt, at the top of her profession; she also makes a mean cocktail. We couldn’t be more thrilled to feature this wonderful liquidizer – It’s long-time overdue. Raise ’em high, folks. To Kippy Makepeace!

Where are you from, originally? I am from Minnesota and when I was 12 we moved to Wichita, KS. My parents were in a bad accident that left my dad paralyzed and because of it they got a settlement so we moved to Florida and bought Gatsby’s in December of 1978.

How long have you been bartending? I’ve been bartending since my first year in Florida, so 40 years!! Wow, 40!!

What is your drink of choice? I’m pretty much a beer girl, Bud or Busch with a glass of ice. But I do LOVE tequila and a good Margarita.

Can you recommend a hangover cure? Well if you can’t have a good Bloody Mary, (Grills has great Bloody Mary’s!) I would seriously recommend Campbell’s tomato soup; just sip it like a cup of coffee. I swear by this one!

Most overrated / Underrated drink? Most overrated: A gin and tonic. Gin is gross and tonic is yuck! Most underrated: GRILL’S MARGARITA! – 1800, Cointreau, and Grand Marnier. I tell people they’re like boobs, “ones not enough and three is too many!”

  1. What is the funniest pickup line you’ve overheard while on the job? Not exactly a pickup line but a guy came up and said he needed a beer because he just threw his away. He said he met up with a girl he’d met online and he looked more like her profile picture than she did. It was funny.

  2. Which closing / opening duties do you like the least? Well anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to clean, so pretty much none of it bothers me at all!

  3. Favorite perks of being bartender? I think my favorite perk (not sure if this is a perk) but just all of our regulars and meeting people from everywhere. Also, seeing my snowbirds come back year after year.

  4. Where do you spend your time on the other side of the bar? Everywhere I can! I like Preacher Bar, Cantina, Fishlips, and Thai Thai’s. I used to work for Outback Steakhouse, so I still LOVE Outback. Pretty much, I’ve never met a bar I didn’t like.

  5. Tell us a quick horror story about a bartending mistake you’ve made. What comes to mind is when I made a Bloody Mary for a server’s boyfriend. She said he had texted her saying it was awful! I thought he was being sarcastic, but then I realized, when I was busy and ran out of well vodka, I substituted it for Smirnoff Vodka (the next step up). Then I realized I had grabbed Smirnoff Strawberry Vodka – EEEK! Not so good in Bloody Mary’s!

  6. How much sexual innuendo increases your tips? At my age, 60, not too much. However, there are still some old farts that LOVE me!

  7. What would you order for your last meal? This is easy! Makoto’s Kolomo Fish. Not too many Japanese restaurants I’ve been to have this fish, but it is AMAZING! You should really try it.

  8. What is number one on your bucket list? Well, I’m really not much of a traveler so I don’t have a bucket list – But everyday I try to have some fun, eat good food, laugh and spend time with my family: my three AMAZING kids: Carly, Blaise and Paris, my granddaughters, and my 18 awesome siblings; plus some good friends. Everyday can be a party, and pretty much it is!

You can find Kippy, most days, outside at the Tiki Bar; doing her best to outshine the sun and charming the friends and visitors corralled there. Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar is located in Port Canaveral at 505 Glen Cheek Drive, Cape Canaveral.

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