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Q & A INTERVIEW Featuring the lovely Ms. Aiden Booska from Sandbar Sports Grill INSTA @aidenjamo

Sandbar Sports Grill is one of the top hot spots on Cocoa Beach’s coastline to visit when in search of good food, adult beverages and some pretty decent live music. As such, this edition being all about travel, tourism and things to do, it seemed only proper to pop in and inquire on tips & tricks to navigate our beloved tourists from one of the steely-eyed mavens who watch it all go down.

Whether it’s a stop in for lunch to eat a famous fish taco, cruise the scene, or Sandbooze a lazy Sunday away, the beautiful, flawless-faced, sweet and sassy Irish bar maiden, Aiden Booska, is an oasis for it all. She gave us all the dish and punctuated it with a proper beverage to boot. She’s a crowd favorite and we couldn’t take our eyes off her. In fact, we were impressed we kept it together long enough to get a proper interview… swoon

Where are you from, originally? I am a military brat, so I’m really from all over. My dad was in the Marine Corp. I was born in Rockledge. If you want my heritage, I’m very Irish, and love whiskey. I cant dance like they do, but I sure can drink enough to make my family proud.

How long have you been bartending? I’ve been at Sandbar for 8 years, but I’ve bartended for four of them.

What is your drink of choice? I’m a mood drinker, usually. There are so many different kinds of drinks to choose from so it’s hard to pick just one, but I guess my go-to on a night out would be a shot of tequila with a pineapple back. The juice makes for a sweet pairing to the salt rim. It’s a drink with personality.

Can you recommend a hangover cure? Hair of the dog, straight up. Whatever you were drinking the night before, that’s the trick. Don’t doubt me. Just do it. It’ll get you back on track.

Most overrated / underrated drink? Most overrated is vodka soda, we call it the “Skinny White Girl”, it’s just so plain and boring. Most underrated would be Knob Creek Bourbon. Nothing else is needed to make it amazing.

What the funniest pickup line you’ve heard while on the job? The other day I asked a customer if they would like to see a menu, their response was, “Are you on it?”. It was so ridiculous. Real slick guy. finger guns

Favorite perks of being a bartender? The networking and connections you make with each customer. It’s a great feeling to have one of my first customers ever, from 8 years ago, still come to see me. I even have people who travel back and forth from Washington who always make sure to come see me when they’re in town.

Where do you spend your time on the other side of the bar? Definitely Grills, have you ever had their margarita?? But most of the time I end up at Sandbar, it’s the place to be. Heard a rumor of a cool spot opening in the Village.

Tell us a quick horror story about a bartending mistake you’ve made. My first week of bartending, I dropped an entire, newly-opened bottle of Absolute Vodka. (Probably because I was being forced to make a “Skinny White Girl”)

How much does sexual innuendo increase your tips? They like it better when I am mean to them, which works out well for me. I don’t give them anything I don’t want to. But I do notice I make more now that I’m not wearing a ring, that’s for sure.

What would you order for you last meal? As much seafood as I can fit in my belly. Scallops, crab legs, shrimp oysters, lobster, and anything else that swims in the ocean. I may or may not have been a mermaid in a past life. If by the end of this one, I go out with my breath smelling like salt water, I will go happy.

What is number one on your bucket list? I want to travel to Ireland and go the Jameson Distillery. My son’s name is Jameson, so I’d love to take him when he’s legal. He’s 5 now, so I’ve got some time to prepare.

Tell us about your tattoo. It’s for family. My mother loved elephants, so all the girls decided to get some sort of elephant tattoo.

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