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Album Reviews

By Fursey O’veebee

Nervous System Identity

One thing I was promised a year ago was that the current administration in the White House would inspire a lot of good Punk Rock, and this CD does not disappoint. Lots of fast guitar (Justin) and fast drums (Mikey) combined with Crustin’s soothing vocals bring this Punk Rock quartet together nicely. Lordy aka Quesi Uddin Manitou does an incredible job on the bass as well. One thing I really like on this disc is it has that old school Punk Rock feel when the guy keeps saying the same line over and over repeatedly after the song is done. On “Rinse of a Thousand Pills” he ends with repeatedly saying “There’s nothing left, there’s nothing left…”. Good fast hard-driving Punk and all of the songs are short, quick, and to the point. They make you want to just get in the pit and start smashing. Joey Jr, age 12, says “I like this” and sister Ariel, 13, says “I like it but it’s giving me a headache. We should listen to this more often”. If you love old-school Punk Rock and I know you do, this is a group you will want to get to know. That way the next time you are in line for gas and some dummy doesn’t know how to work the credit card machine, you can just break out into a mosh pit in the line at Circle K, scream “Anarchy in the UK” real loud, and do your best Johnny Rotten impersonation. Just hope that Marky Ramone doesn’t shut you down with Richard Hell references. Excellent CD! Free download!

Muttcrew Are You Offended Yet?

Another great Punk Rock release to start your summer off. Muttcrew goes hard and doesn’t care what you think. Funny, they start off with a cover of the King of the Hill themesong but then go straight into a very politically oriented tirade that is at odds with nationalism, patriotism, republicanism, conservatism, and every other ism. And I love every minute of this CD. But I can’t play this one around the kids. In fact, I had to ask frontman Cory Bayer (Guitar, Vocals) for a PG version of the cover as the real cover is too risqué even for this cutting-edge mag. Nevertheless, this NY hardcore punk band keeps alive the spirit of NY Punk from days of old as they play fast, loud, and hard with Joey Medwig tearing the skins off of the drums. I like that they play some weird recorded stuff at the end of some of the songs after the music is done, again with that old-school Punk Rock flair. And hey, who doesn’t love some good-ole Punk Rock? “Redneck Holocaust” starts out sounding like an Irish jig and then goes into a variant that has great guitar and some nice raspy vocals. “American Flag” rips into the current climate of the country and lead singer Cory’s disdain for flag-worship. Bassist AJ Sciandra does a good job keeping up with the rest of the band as they go from one sweet Punk Rock jam to another. All the songs on this CD are 2 minutes or less, the way Punk is supposed to be, quick, fast, hard, and to the point. I could listen to this CD all day. Free Download!

Eric Lindell Revolution In Your Heart

This is one of the best Blues CDs I have heard in a long time. One that I left in my car CD player for weeks. Lindell is a master storyteller as he evokes considerable emotion and thought in the listener. This CD was recorded in Bogalusa Louisiana and Lindell plays just about everything on the recording—guitar, bass, keyboards, organ, and harmonica. Lindell combines rock and swampy music with country and soul to produce an excellent piece of work. The song “Grandpaw Jim” stirs up images in me of my own son, as he compares his son to his Great Grandpaw and says he is big as a mountain but soft as the wind. Grandpaw never had a coarse word about anyone. Great guitar on this song just has you drifting away. In “Sun Don’t Shine” he has a memorable lyric saying that “the sun don’t shine on the same dogs ass everyday” which if you think about will make you realize hard times will pass. Then he says he was always “ready to burn one with Willie right before I play”…dang Blues Boy Willie coming at me again! In “Big Horse” he gets his wawa pedal going and gets funky. “Pat West” is a sad song that will have you reminiscing about your childhood, riding on your friends handlebars. Great CD. Go get it!

Hanks Martin I Got No Blues For You

Hanks Martin has a nice release here. Hank does double duty as a country musician as well as a bluesman, just not at the same time. This release has a smoky barroom fell to it. Hank plays on all of the tracks on this disc of all original songs. Hank says he started playing on February 9th, 1964 when he saw the Beatles play on Ed Sullivan and he asked his Dad to show him some guitar chords. Well Dad did a heck of a job because this barn-burner CD exemplifies Hanks musical influences of Stevie Ray, Waylon, Merle, Roy Orbison, and Johnny Rivers. Speaking of Roy, Hanks does a nice tribute to him on “Middle of the Night” as he laments Orbison’s passing and the big hole it left in the industry and in his heart. “One Eye Open” is one of them Blues songs where he is singing about his shady woman who he has to deadbolt out of the house. Smooth guitar pairs well with Hanks vocals as he tells stories to make you think of the good and bad sides of love and life. In “Guitar Blues” he does some fine pickin’ and pluckin’ and says he doesn’t want to hear about your troubles because he has his own to worry about. At least he changes his strings every year whether they need it or not! Another great CD check it out!

And hey, how about a free Anthony Gomes Blues CD to download?

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